“MyMan” is a 100% herbal formulation specially produced to treat weak erection, premature ejaculation and low sperm count.

The product is composed of active ingredients that can increase blood flow to the genitalia by dilating the blood vessels thereby ensuring strong and prolonged erection. It also helps to control sugar level and regulate the various body secretions, thus, correcting the underlying health issue, atherosclerosis.

Since research has shown that there exist a symbiotic relationship between cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction, it became pertinent to treat erectile dysfunction from the root. “MyMan” also alkalizes the body and combats free radicals which constitute a serious health issue affecting those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Packaging contains 3 plastic containers. Each container has a total of 60 capsules.

Dose: 3 capsules two times daily. For more intense effect, 1-2 spoonful of pure undiluted honey should be taken after the product. Although the product can be taken about 15-20 minutes before or 15-20 minutes after food. This is so because the ingredients of MyMan are foods, fruits and spices. They are naturally suitable for the body at all time.

It is essential to stress that patients need to avoid junks, highly processed foods and artificial sugars in order to maximize the benefits of the product. Stress in all forms also affects the overall physiology of the body by weakening immunity and increasing free radicals in the body. therefore, patients need to manage their level of stress adequately.

Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.

Storage condition: MyMan should be stored in a cool and dry place. Keep all medicines away from the reach of children.

MyMan capsule is produced from natural plants, spices and foods that are both beneficial and not toxic to all organs and systems of the body. The product contains more than 10 natural substances fused together without any artificial process. These compositions have been heavily researched from time immemorial and have been proven beyond any iota of doubt to help balance the functioning of sexual hormones and correct any abnormality with the reproductive system.

Some of the ingredients include:

Ginger (Zingiber officinale): The historical evidences in support of ginger as a strong aphrodisiac is enough to show its role in the product. Among other uses, it helps to dilate the blood vesicles, control excess weight (since obesity is a risk factor of erectile dysfunction) and increase libido.

Garlic (Allium sativum): Being among the highly rated herbal remedies for atherosclerosis, microbial infection and many others, garlic is a sure-bet in treating erectile dysfunction. Before the advent of modern science, garlic, ginger and black seed have been used across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East to treat a wide range of sexual imbalances and the results have been confirmed by modern science.

Black seed (Nigella sativa): It suffice to say that the black seed is the most heavily researched herbal plant worldwide due to its zero toxicity and unparallel health benefits. Specifically, it benefits all the systems and organs in the body. Just like garlic, it contains selenium and copper, the duo of which helps to increase libido and semen production.

Bitter kola (Garcinia kola): Although indigenous to Africa, it is regularly imported to China, Japan, United States and other industrialized countries due to its great use in pharmaceutical industries. Bitter kola helps in weight management, blood purification and activates the secretions of hormones in the body.

Date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera): The pride of the Middle East is also a force to reckon with in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is especially due to its composition of potassium, selenium and copper. Potassium benefits the cardiovascular system while the duo of selenium and copper are essential for the reproductive system among other benefits. Other essential ingredients are carrot, fenugreek and many more.

MyMan is generally free from any side effect. It is not associated with frequent passage of excreta nor insomnia and any other health issues known with other medications with similar health benefits.


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